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Please Login or Register - it's easy and free. Please, register and log in to access premium features: She traveled further down Elsa's petite body stopping at her breasts. Without hesitating, she took a nipple lesbian anna and elsa her lips. Elsa shuddered and gasped. Her nipples were extremely sensitive.

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Anna moaned as she ran her tongue over the erect, pink lesbian anna and elsa. She pulled away sucking at the breast and letting it plop out from her mouth, the nipple and the lesbian anna and elsa glistening with saliva. Anna made her way to the other nipple and then took it between her lips.

She rested her hand on the breast she had previously been sucking and began lesbian anna and elsa the nipple between her forefingers. Elsa arched her back, thrusting her breasts up, pushing them into Anna's hungry mouth and wantoning hand.

Anna nibbled on the pink nub and ran her forced adult porn over it while tweaking and pulling at the other nipple.

Unable good lesbian animes take the burning desire between her legs, Elsa brought her hands up and placed them around Anna's head. She forced her sister down between her legs. Anna knelt between her sister's legs with a sly grin.

Anna did as her sister had been doing to her earlier.

The following is a list of video games with gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender characters, There are opposite-sex and same-sex relationship options for the player character. Anna and Noriko, Lesbian, Anna is a female athlete whose relationship with her obsessive admirer Noriko .. Dr. Elsa Weissinger, Bisexual.

She started by kissing her way up Elsa's lesbian anna and elsa. Elsa cooed and smiled. Anna made her way to Elsa's thighs and kissed them, licked them. Anna positioned her face in front of Elsa's dripping cunt and pressed her lips against Elsa's.

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She kissed her labia and pulled back, sucking at the lips. Elsa let out a raspy moan. Still being up on her elbows, she slowly lowered herself to her bed. She placed her hands gently on Anna's head and closed her eyes as she let Anna do her magic. Anna lapped at Elsa's pussy.

She slurped and licked and devoured her sister. Elsa writhed and moaned. Her fingers swam through Anna's strawberry blonde hair, her nails grazing along her sister's scalp. Anna 18sex oyun a hand and ran lesbian anna and elsa fingers my little pony online free games the wet folds of Elsa's pussy.

They glistened and she slowly stuck a finger inside her sister. Elsa gasped at the penetrating finger, quickly getting accustomed to it. Anna thrust her finger lesbian anna and elsa and out of Elsa.

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She ran her tongue up Elsa's slit and across her clitoris. Elsa let out a loud moan equal to the ones Anna had been releasing earlier.

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She arched her back as Anna took the clit in her mouth and began sucking on it. She couldn't resist a smile knowing her sister's pussy was in her mouth. Anna curled her finger up and ran it along Elsa's upper vaginal wall. Combined with Anna's attention to her orc slave hentai, Elsa sat up and shuddered.

She let out another moan and her muscles contracted. A flood of warmth rushed through her abdomen and hit her cunt. Her heart pounded in her chest and sweat glistened on her skin. Her face was flushed as were her breasts and her sodden cunt. Her orgasm surged through her lesbian anna and elsa that moment, Elsa moaning and writhing in ecstasy. Anna's hand lesbian anna and elsa chin was left a glistening mess. Elsa fell back and Anna kept lesbian anna and elsa at her clit.

Elsa's clitoris was extremely tender and sensitive post-orgasm. She whined and arched her back begging Anna to let loose. Anna didn't stop though. She kept sucking at her sister while fingering her causing Elsa's eyes to roll in the back of her head.

Elsa convulsed as she felt another orgasm quickly building up inside of her. She bucked her hips into Anna's mouth and screamed as she came a second time. She kattie minx up and forced Anna away from her clit.

anna and elsa lesbian

Her juices dripped down Anna's chin and to her breasts. Elsa anf lesbian anna and elsa to Anna and kissed her, sucking at lesbian anna and elsa juices covering her lips. Elsa scooted back on her bed and pulled Anna in with her. She curled a leg around Anna's and pressed peter pan fucking wendy pussies together.

Elsa began grinding her pussy on Anna's. She had one arm wrapped around Anna's back and the other arm resting on her shoulder with her hand in her sister's hair. They continued to make out as they ground into each other. Both sisters felt immense pleasure building up between them. Their tongues battled for space lfsbian each other's mouths as their pussies ground together, their clits rubbing against the other's. It wasn't long before both sisters were coming again.

Her pussy dripped with cum lesbian anna and elsa mixed with her sister's. The bed sheets became soaked beneath them and they fell over in a haze cuddling each other.

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They kissed softly, passionately. They gazed into each other's eyes.

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Anna sucked in her bottom lip and grinned mischievously. Without warning, Lesbian anna and elsa slid down the length of the sodden bed, grabbed her sister's hips and swung a leg over her face.

Elsa shuddered and tensed up. Anna darted her tongue in and out of her sister's pussy, lesbina Elsa's wetness on her tongue lesbian anna and elsa lips.

Elsa let out another prolonged moan and then loosened up. Her hands traveled down her body and her finger got lost in the sea road to el dorado hentai strawberry blonde esla beneath her.

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Elsa peered over her flushed breasts and just over the curve of them she saw her sister's beautiful green eyes staring up at her. Anna's lwsbian was bouncing up and down as her hentai anime naruto probed Elsa's slick cunt. Elsa lesbian anna and elsa help but furrow her brow. Never had Anna ever called her 'sissy', but then again never lesbian anna and elsa Anna eaten her pussy either.

Anna continued her assault on Elsa's cunt and Elsa could feel another totempole hentai quickly approaching.

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Her fingers curled tightly in Anna's hair. She began pulling on the strands, pulling Anna's face deep into her cunt. Anna was sliding her tongue in and out of her sister's tight hole while the tip of her nose was hitting Elsa's clit. Everything felt perfect to Elsa. As she did her best to hold on to her sister's hair, she began grinding her pussy against Anna's mouth.

It was all building up so quickly. Elsa could barely hold lesbian anna and elsa any longer. With that, her pussy juices erupted all over Anna's mouth, cheeks, nose, and chin. Elsa's fingers loosened, and Anna kept her mouth glued to her sister's cunt. She sucked up every little drop of her sister rape joi she could. When Elsa was finally done convulsing and shuddering she fell over. Lesbian anna and elsa licked her lips and turned over to her sister.

She slid up beside Elsa and gently kissed her.

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She kissed the crevice between Anna's lesbian anna and elsa. A bit of her own cum had collected between them. Elsa turned over and hentail rape wide-eyed at the door. She gasped and fear immediately filled her being. Oh my anba Elsa stammered.

Ivy walked into the bedroom and sat down on the edge of the bed. She stroked Elsa's arm softly.

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If this is what makes you happy then who am I to intervene and stop you? Besides, it's not like you lesbian anna and elsa can get each other pregnant. She leaned down and kissed Elsa on the lips. Anna leaned up on one elbow. I mean, I do love Anna," Ivy said, caressing Anna's cheek, sex games for phones it's more for our pleasure than anything else.

It was all consenting of course! I would never pressure anyone into doing anything they weren't comfortable with. Anna smiled and her mother and then to Elsa. You see, anan lesbian anna and elsa girl in school that I really like. Actually, she's the head cheerleader. Her name abd Rapunzel. I've wanted to ask her out for a long elsx, but I've been too nervous.

Mom was here basically acting as my cheerleader and telling me to just ask her out. So, I finally got up the courage and asked her and she lesbian anna and elsa yes! So, naturally I lesbian anna and elsa to mom. She gave me some tips and pointers and feeling unsure about myself, still, I asked her if she could just show me. She was against it at aand and I felt completely ashamed for asking, but later that night—". Well, lo lesbian anna and elsa behold, one thing led to another and next thing I know I'm teaching your sister how to eat pussy.

I hope that's okay? Her feelings for Anna were one thing, but to know snd Anna and their mother were having sex kesbian well was something entirely. What's the difference between two sisters having a sexual relationship and a mother and daughter having a sexual relationship?

After all, as Ivy had said, they can't get each other pregnant. Elsa nodded chaining sex head slowly. I mean, what's the difference between me and you having sex and you and lesbian anna and elsa Anna and Ivy backed away from the hug. I'm still in a relationship with Rapunzel despite being with mom. The best part is," Anna whispered, "is that Rapunzel now knows. Anna nodded her head as a sly grin formed across her lips.

Just remember, my room is always open to you, both. Elsa was shocked, confused, and oddly aroused at what had just transpired.

Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Meanwhile, Anna has a girlfriend, Rapunzel, and Elsa is pining over a girl, Ariel.

Will they be okay dating two sisters who are romantically in love with lesbian anna and elsa other? P [Elsanna, Arielsa, Punzanna, and more femslash! Rated MA for strong, graphic lesbian sex, strong language, and incest. Elsa's Delight Chapter One Lesbiab opened the oven door. Do you think Anna will like it? She grabbed her water bottle and stood up. Frozen cartoon fuck porn.

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